September 17, 2018 is an important date for Paweł Lech and Stanisław Rycombel. Exactly on this day the EUROPA Breeding Center was officially opened. The ceremony was attended by breeders from Poland, Germany and Belgium. The solemn opening was made by the mayor of the City and Commune of Łagów, Paweł Marwicki. The breeding station Europa is the first of its kind in our country. It is modeled directly on the famous Stellermann station from Germany.

The Polish owners, just like Mr. Werner Stellermann, have set themselves very ambitious goals and that´s how Łagów became full of pigeons from the highest world´s shelf. As the only ones in Poland, they can boast of having direct children of the famous Red Bullens, who achieved great results at the dovre of Gerard Koopman. In April 2018, Stanisław Rycombel purchased the whole kennel of the famous German breeder Herman Schilling. A few months after this purchase, Werner Stellermann’s pigeons from Vreden moved to Lechówek. Breeding Center Europe purchased the best European pigeons at the moment.



Report from the opening of the Breeding Center Europe